Without good baselines and progress reports your health program cannot effectively measure its own results. Discovering the most effective intervention programs for your population should not be an ‘educated guess’ you need a proven system., Inc. has created a fantastic group of health assessments for you to use to monitor your programs progress and find the health habits your population needs to focus on. Whether you are looking for a well rounded general health assessment, or disease specific assessments we have solutions for you. These assessments based on published peer reviewed studies, can be configured to look and feel just like the rest of your website. Our flexible system can be installed on your servers, or if you want a simpler solution, we can manage the software on our equipment for you. Either way we provide you with an easy to management system so you have access to the data and reports anytime you want. Our reports are easy to create and look good, with options for aggregate reports, individual data spreadsheets and XML data so your technology team can do even more creative reporting. Reports can be generated for a specific group, all groups, date restrictions and other filters so you get the data you need to do your job. Here is an example of an aggregate report.

Our assessments:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Cardiac risk assessment
  • Diabetes risk assessment
  • Fitness assessment


Our health risk assessment is based on Healthier People 3.0 of the Carter Center at Emory University. It is approximately forty questions and generates a ten page report. The report includes sections on suggested behavioral changes, recommended preventive services, Internet links to risk specific sites, and a doctor chart report that the user can print and take with them to their physician. A member page can be created which allows the user to go back and review previously taken assessments.

Cardiac risk and diabetes risk can be measured with our shorter disease specific assessments. These two assessments are shorter in the number of questions and the results report. Both do a good job of alerting the user to possible higher than average risks for these diseases. Both reports include additional Internet links based on risk and how the user answered specific questions.

Expanding even more, has recently added a fitness assessment. The fitness assessment is actually two-tiered, providing the standard parq set to determine whether it is safe for the user to take the more strenuous fitness assessment. An instructional worksheet is provided for the user to perform a three minute step test, muscular endurance (pushups and situps), and a flexibility test. The results are entered into the assessment screen and a report generated.

When you license assessments from HealthStatus, our team will work closely with you to integrate the assessments into your site. We develop a color scheme, font style sheets and page templates that blend so well, your visitors will not notice a difference between your pieces and ours. This customization and installation is built into our pricing structure. Designed from the ground up to run on the Internet, our assessments can integrate with proprietary or open source servers, databases and applications on a variety of hardware platforms. Visit our portal site at and see an example of how the assessments can be the focal point of a consumer health website.

Contact us for more information on integrating health assessments and calculators into your site. We also have a page of frequently asked questions.



“We chose as our HRA provider because of their flexibility and quick customer service to help us meet the needs of our clients. The personalized reports are available shortly after our testing and provides optimum wellness information which is easily understood at most educational levels. “

-W. Drinnen – Team Health

“Everactive,LLC has been a partner with HealthStatus for over 3 years. Their easy to use on-line HRA tool has enhanced our services and provided our clients with a fantastic tool to help increase the health of their workforce and the health of their business. A healthy productive team of empoloyees equals a winning business. Thanks HealthStatus!”

-P. Sleight – Everactive