HealthStatus Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments (HRA) allow you to provide a valuable service to your visitors. They get a customized health report and you get a marketing vehicle and extensive data about the population you serve. Great information when you are planning community oriented intervention programs. If you are a wellness provider, you can use these tools for you clients., Inc. can provide you with the highest quality Internet health risk assessments. Depending on your needs and your budget we can set you up with our health risk assessments that cover general risk, diabetes risk, cardiac risk and fitness, in either a branded or standard appearance. All our algorithms are from published studies. The tools can be customized to look exactly like your HTML website design.

What makes us different from all the other assessment tools? A couple of things; one, no metered assessment fees. Users can take the assessments in our packages as often as they like without extra costs for you. Second, our reporting system that provides aggregate reports and individual data that you can use for intervention programs is included in all our packages. No extra charge for group reports or report software.

If you are interested in having HRA software on your site, we would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free consultation on how we might integrate the HRA into your site. Email us to setup a time to speak with you, chat with us online, or call us at 888.726.4683. We have packages that work for companies with less than 250 employees up to insurers and third party administrators that have over 5,000,000 lives in their population.

Visit our example consumer health portal site, to see an example of what can be done or if you are an individual and just want to take a free health risk assessment.


"We chose as our HRA provider because of their flexibility and quick customer service to help us meet the needs of our clients. The personalized reports are available shortly after our testing and provides optimum wellness information which is easily understood at most educational levels. "

-W. Drinnen - Team Health


"Everactive,LLC has been a partner with HealthStatus for over 3 years. Their easy to use on-line HRA tool has enhanced our services and provided our clients with a fantastic tool to help increase the health of their workforce and the health of their business. A healthy productive team of empoloyees equals a winning business. Thanks HealthStatus!"

-P. Sleight - Everactive