Assessment Features

  1. Aggregate Reporting
  2. Branding Options
  3. Multiple Population Groups
  4. Imperial or Metric
  5. Multiple Languages Available
  6. Single Sign On Options
  7. Customizable

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8 Key Considerations When Selecting a Health Risk Assessment.




Do you need Branded Health Risk Assessment software – (a HRA) for your Internet or Intranet website? Do you need to track the assessments by group? Do you want to run intervention programs based on the risks of your group to provide the greatest ROI in the shortest amount of time?

If you answerered yes to any of these questions, you need to add HealthStatus Health Risk Assessment software to your site. If you are in the health management industry, you need to know which programs will generate a quick ROI and have reports for management that will make them understand what health issues they are facing. If you run a health portal or a fitness site you know that static information and a few news feeds do not get users returning to your site on a regular basis. Your site has to provide information specific to the user that is informative, educational and entertaining.

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We chose as our HRA provider because of their flexibility and quick customer service to help us meet the needs of our clients. The personalized reports are available shortly after our testing and provides optimum wellness information which is easily understood at most educational levels.
Everactive,LLC has been a partner with HealthStatus for over 3 years. Their easy to use on-line HRA tool has enhanced our services and provided our clients with a fantastic tool to help increase the health of their workforce and the health of their business. A healthy productive team of empoloyees equals a winning business. Thanks HealthStatus!
Working with Greg and his team at HealthStatus has truly been a pleasure. They have been extremely flexible, partnering with us to find the best solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs….. Their customer service has been top-notch, and we feel confident that the HRA we will be providing to our clients will provide the deep data we need to direct their wellness efforts. After working with HealthStatus, we will be prepared for very successful wellness programming and expect to achieve great results with our clients!
From a consumer perspective, the online risk assessment tool by HealthStatus is user friendly. It’s easy to read as its written in a very simple yet clear form. The analysis it provides to the user provides enough starting point for a dialogue should he/she go to the physician. I highly recommend HealthStatus to other health care facilities as a resource for the consumer.

Your percent body fat calculator is amazingly accurate. I entered “Male” 33″ Waist, 175 lbs. And the calculator gave me a result of 13.82% Body fat. My physician did a body fat analysis of me today in his office with a sophisticated machine, and it gave me a 13.8% Reading, using two electrical resistance through the body. accurate your measure is.

I would like to tell you first of all that your website is not only very helpful but extremely insighful.

Please continue to provide information that is helpful to all levels of fitness minded individuals. There seems to be a lack of resources available on the internet that do so.